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Find Your Special Someone! is Online Matrimonial classified of Uttarakhand for Garhwali and Kumaoni Brides and Grooms. is an online matrimonial classified in Uttarakhand, especially for Garhwali and Kumaoni people. Marriage is an important step in everyone’s life that everyone loves to enjoy the fullest. We provide matchmaking to all the Garhwali and Kumaoni castes and regions like Rajput, Brahmin, and others. Any Garhwali and Kumaoni person can easily register free at our site. Member's can search Bride and Groom profiles as per his/her preference.We aim to solve the problem of every guardian to find the perfect life partner for their children. At our Portal you can search for Garhwali, Kumaoni, Garhwali Brahmin, Garhwali Rajput, and Garhwali other castes, Kumaoni Brahmin, Kumaoni Rajput, and Kumaoni other casts brides or Grooms. Free registered members can also express interest in both paid and unpaid profiles. We respect the privacy of our members, so we provide all the Garhwali and Kumaoni bride and groom profiles the option to show your contact details to only those whom you accept. You can upload your picture to look more attractive and also you can set privacy settings in your photo.

Why Maangal .com?

Global set of Profiles

We have global set of profiles from Pauri to Prague and Bageshwer to Boston.

Privacy Features

Members can set privacy settings and retain control over who can see their pictures and contact numbers.

Free Registration

We provide free registration to all our members. You can opt to take membership only once you find suitable options.

Only Uttarakhandi allows only people from Uttarakhandi origin, wherever settled they are, to create their profile.

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Success Stories

Neetu Bhandari & Harish Khanna

Wedding/Engagement Date: 28 Nov, 2022

Thanks to maangal i got my life partner...Read More

Ananya Satyapal & Gaurav Negi

Wedding/Engagement Date: 22 Feb, 2023

Finally, my search for a dream mate is over! I've found a ...Read More

Akanksha Bhatt & Shashank Jaguri

Wedding/Engagement Date: 21 Jun, 2022

Many many thanks for searching a perfect match..once again ...Read More

Neelam Rawat & Mandeep Singhrawat

Wedding/Engagement Date: 10 Feb, 2023

very thankful to More

Ambika Saklani & Deepak Uniyal

Wedding/Engagement Date: 22 Feb, 2023

We met through Maangal in February 2022. We were in ...Read More

Himani Bhandari & Manshiv Kathait

Wedding/Engagement Date: 02 Dec, 2022

Thanx to for finding a suitable and beautiful ...Read More

Diksha Mulasi & Himanshu Gaur

Wedding/Engagement Date: 14 Feb, 2023

Credit goes to maangal who have helped us to finding out the...Read More

Vishakha Kothari & Ashish Bahuguna

Wedding/Engagement Date: 02 Feb, 2023

I have got married in a great and loving and well cultured ...Read More

Shivani Dhasmana & Ajay Sharma

Wedding/Engagement Date: 09 Feb, 2022

Thanks to More

Neha Khantwal & Rahul Bidaliya

Wedding/Engagement Date: 03 Feb, 2023


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