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Safety Tips

We at www.maangal.com aim to ensure that you have a wonderful experience with us while searching for your dream life partner. We Endeavour to screen all profiles and check them from time to time. We also carry out tele calling to check or delete profiles that may have been married/ irrelevant or inappropriate. This however doesn’t guarantees a foolproof system.

Please follow some simple guidelines to protect your online experience.

  • Use our privacy options that show your contact / photos only to those whom you accept. You will find them in “My Matrimony” section at the top right of the page once you log in.
  • Obtain a separate mobile number for matrimony purpose which you can deactivate once the purpose has been solved.
  • Create a separate email account for matrimony communications.
  • It would also be better if you could use your parent’s number instead of own.
  • Share your number only when you are totally sure of a person or at least know his family.
  • Do not share your office address/ home address to any random contact until you know them or their family. Discuss with your family first.
  • An odd person would like to meet straightway and would pester you to meet alone. DON'T.
  • A genuine person would give you time and space and include his family in such meetings.
  • Ask for face book / LinkedIn links so you can know a person better. An honest profile would willingly and happily add you to his friends and share all information. You can know a person lot better by his FB page.
  • Watch out for money scams. Do not involve in the finances of a person as a conman /women would shower you with affection, love and care and then decamp with your money on some pretext. You will never hear from him / her again.
  • Remember your safety is your responsibility and you must take all precautions.
  • Always involve your family as they would help you / stand by you and can sniff a wrong miles away.
  • Members are strictly and explicitly informed that any commercial activity either by them or on their behalf at / or originating from their account shall be deemed infringement / unlawful and appropriate legal action shall be taken against them as deemed fit by maangal.com.
  • Report any violations/ misuse / abuse to us immediately at info@maangal.com
  • We will take necessary action against the miscreant.
  • Remember marriage is a union of families and love. Always make sure that the family meets first or at least he /she meets your family first before you take any big step forward.
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